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Warranty Periods:

Manufacturer Product Category Warranty period (month)
Yealink All products 36
Alcatel All products 12
KSTAR All exept batteries 24
KSTAR Batteries 12
LEOCH All products 12
Ubiquiti Networks All products 12
MikroTik All products 12
Uniview All products 12
Synology Depends on product 12-60
Yeastar All products 24
Sumitomo Electric All products 12
NEX All products 12
Wintop All products 12
Grandway All products 12
Tongway Solar All products 180
UniPos Depends on product 24


Warranty Terms:

  1. The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the product.
  2. Intellcom Group ensures repair or replacement for the products that are under Warranty.
  3. For warranty please contact Intellcom Group's service center at the following address - 42 Tereverko St, Tbilisi, Georgia.
    Work Days: Monday-Friday, 10.00 am - 18.00 pm.
  4. You can bring the product without a factory box to use the warranty service and therefore it is not necessary to store the boxes.
  5. Warranty doesn't cover any kind of expenses related to the installation/ uninstallation of faulty units by the customers.

Warranty service terms:

The product, which is under warranty, will be inspected and repaired or replaced within a maximum of 30 calendar days. If this is not possible within the mentioned period, the amount paid will be returned to the customer.

Warranty not applicable if products are:

  1. Mechanically damaged;
  2. The product is damaged due to external influences;
  3. The product is damaged due to improper installation;
  4. The product is damaged due to violation of operating conditions;
  5. Opened by customer;
  6. Product serial number not readable;
  7. Damaged due to the use of third party software on the device;
  8. The factory look of the product has been changed in any way (it has an inscription, it has been painted, it has been shot, etc.).
  9. If the grounding isn't compliant with existing standards for the devices like: UPS, Solar Inverters, Solar PV panels. Outdoor WiFi and other equipment requiring grounding as a must option for proper usage.

** All customers of Intellcom Group, registered on the company web site, can check whether specified item is still under warranty, by using product MAC Address.

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