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ინსტრუმენტები - 2.5 მმ ოპტიკური კონექტორის ერთი წკაპით საწმენდი

2.5 მმ ოპტიკური კონექტორის ერთი წკაპით საწმენდი

მწარმოებელი: Grandway
მოდელი: GW-FOC-2.5
ფასი: $ 29.00
საცალო ფასი
$ 29.00
თქვენი ფასი
Grandway provides high quality One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner for φ2.5mm optical ferrule. As a high precision opponents, even a little contaminants on the optical ferrule can affect the per formance of the whole optical transmission system. If a optical ferrule ispolluted, it is hard to make it clean again in ordinar yways for the high requirements of the cleaning equipment and the little space the ferrule lef t for cleaning. With the One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner, all the problem can be solved easily. The cleaner is composed with special cleaning reel, extendable nuzzle and guide cap of specified size . These make the cleaner meet rigorous requirements of the cleaning solution.The One -click Ferrule Mate Cleaner is absolutely your good par tner in optical cleaning solution.

Dimension (mm):80*13*13(standard)/115*13*13(nozzle extended)
Weight (kg): 0.1
Connector type: All φ2.5mm connector , such as SC, FC, ST
Cleaning cycles:800 cycles