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საზომი მოწყობილობები - Optical Laser Source, 1310/1490/1550 nm

Optical Laser Source, 1310/1490/1550 nm

მწარმოებელი: Grandway
მოდელი: GW-FHS2T01
ფასი: $ 264.00
საცალო ფასი
$ 264.00
თქვენი ფასი
Grandway provides high precision laser source. The FHS2 series laser source offers excellent stability and portability for accurate fiber optic testing. Dual-wavelength, triple-wavelength and quad-wavelength laser sources are available. If user tests a fiber with both FHS2 series laser source and FHP2 series power meter, the TWIN function can be booted. With this function, the power meter can automatically detect the wavelength FHS2 series laser source launched.

-Both single mode and multiple mode laser are available
-Single output interface
-Durable and portable
-Auto power-off function
-TWIN function is available
-Integrated with continuous wave output function, 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz are available

Output wavelength(nm): 1310/1490/1550
Emitter Type: LD
Output Stability:
-1310nm & 1550nm:Short Term(15minutes):<0.05dB, Long Term(5Hours or above):<0.1dB
-1490nm: Short Term(15minutes):<0.1dB, Long Term(5Hours or above):<0.2dB
Central Wavelength: 1310±20nm/1490±20nm/1550±20nm
Spectral Width: 5nm
Output Frequency(Hz): 270,1k,2k
Output Power: -5dBm
Adjustable Range: ±3dB,0.1dB/step
Auto Power-Off: Yes
Back-light: Yes
Operating Temperature: -10to+50°C
Storage Temperature: -20to+70°C
Power supply: 2pcs*Ni-MH AA;6V AC/DC Adaptor
Dimension(mm): 160L*76W*45H
Net Weight: 260g