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საზომი მოწყობილობები - Mini Visual Laser Source, 1mW

Mini Visual Laser Source, 1mW

მწარმოებელი: Grandway
მოდელი: GW-VLS-8-01
ფასი: $ 25.00
საცალო ფასი
$ 25.00
თქვენი ფასი

VLS-8 Series Mini Visual Laser Source totally complies with the human engineering. It's small in size, easy to operate, portable and integrated with a launching indicator. A Visual Laser Source is usually used to inspect the damaged or broken point of a optical fiber, cable, patchcord and etc. If the inspected fiber does have a defect, user could find the visual laser at the broken or damaged point. VLS-8 Series Mini Visual Laser Source is suitable for both single mode and multimode fibers. The performance of the visual laser source will act a little different on different fiber coat and color.

-Totally comply with the human engineering design. Small, portable and durable
-Standard multi-adaptor can be applied to connect with almost any adaptor type. Also provides interchangeable fiber adaptors of serval common types
-Higher output laser power, Max 15km detecting range
-Integrated with continuous wave and 2Hz modulated wave outpur function

Output power: ≥1mW
Detecting range: about5km
Battery life: about 23 hours
Laser launcher type: LD
Optical connector: universal 2.5mm adapter (FC/SC/ST)
Output wavelength: 650nm
Modulation frequency: CW / 2Hz
Power: 2*AAA dry batteries
Working temperature: 0℃~+40℃;<90%RH
Storage temperature: -20℃~+70℃;<90%RH
Accessories: 2*AAA battery, user manual, packing case
Dimension & Size: L120mm×W33mm×H30mm / about 67.8g