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Fiber Optic Networks > Fiber Optic Closure
Cap Type (Vertical type) Fiber Optic Splice Closure(FOSC)
Model: GW-F2H-FOSC-BDM-A4S24-1VG
Code: #00115
Manufacturer: Grandway
133.09 ₾
Temporarily Not Available
Product Description

Type: Cap type(Vertical type)
Outside dimension: 440mm×φ190mm
Weight: 2670g~2900g (excluding outside box)
Number of inlet/outlet ports: 4 pieces
Diameter of fiber cable: Φ5mm~Φ18 mm
Capacity of FOSC: Bunchy: 12-96 (cores)
Body material: ABS
Assembling method: Aerial, Pipeline, Underground, hand-holes
Temperature: -40℃ to +65℃
Standard accessories:
-1*FOSC cover,
-1*Fiber optic splice tray (FOST),
-1*Fiber holding tray,
-1*Base, 1*Plastic hoop,
-1*Seal fitting,
-4*Seal rings for inlet/outlet ports

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