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Plastic Drop Wire Clamp
Model: Plastic-Drop-Wire-Clamp
Manufacturer: NEX
2.21 ₾
183 Pcs
Product Description

Designed to support both ends of 1 and 2-pair reinforced service drops, the DWC drop wire clamps can withstand the rigors of all environmental conditions in the telecommunications .outside plant.. The placement of slots and a hole in the clamp’s inner wedges allow for cable slack adjustment, proper tensioning and assistance with re-entry.

• Unique hook and wedge lock design.
• Easy cable slack adjustment to apply proper tension.
• May be re-entered and reused.
• Weather and corrosion resistant plastic components.
• Mechanically plated metal parts for maximum corrosion resistance.
• No special tools required for installation.
• No loose parts - wedge is tethered to clamp body.

Steel Hook: 4.5 mm diameter steel wire hot dip galvanised
Weight of steel hook galvanised: 18 gr.
Housing & Wedge: NYLON 6 BLACK UV Stabilized.
Weight of Housing & Wedge: 26.5 gr.
Load retention capability: 100kg for 30 minutes.
Applicable size of wire: 9.8mm width.
Thickness of drop wire: 2 to 8 mm

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