10KVA/9KW Long Run On-line Smart UPS, RT

Model: KS-UBR100L
Code: #00224
Manufacturer: KSTAR
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Warranty: 24 Month
Product Description

- true double-conversion
- Rack-mounted and floor – standing tower can be convertible
- Patented mimic LCD of which content can be rotated according to the type of deployment
- DSP technology guarantees high reliability
- N+X parallel redundancy
- Selectable quantity of battery for each group:16/18/20 pieces
- 3-stage charging design optimizes battery performance
- ECO mode operation for energy saving
- Self-diagnosis at startup
- Emergency power off function (EPO)
- Optional PDU can be used as external maintenance bypass
- Generator compatible
- Communications:RS-232,USB,SNMP card(optional),Relay card (optional)

Technical Specifications
Model: UBR60L
Capacity (VA/Watts): 9k/9k

Normal Voltage: 220/230/240VAC(L+N+PE)
Operating Voltage Range: 120-276Vac
Operating Frequency Range: 50Hz; 45-55Hz ; 60Hz; 55-60Hz;
Power Factor: =>0.99
Bypass Voltage Range:
- Max voltage: 220v; +25% (Optional + 10%, +15%, +20%);
- 230v; +20% (Optional + 10%, +15%);
- 240v; +15% (Optional + 10%);
- Min. voltage: -45% (Optional -20%, -30%).
Eco Range: Same as by pass
Harmonic Distortion THDi: <=5% (100% non-linear load)

Output Voltage: 220/230/240Vac
Power factor: 0.9
Voltage Regulation: ±1%
Frequency (Line Mode): ±1%; ±2%; ±4%; ±5%; ±10%; of the rated frequency(optional)
Frequency (Battery Mode): (50/60 Hz±0.1)Hz
Crest Factor - 3:1
Harmonic Distortion THDv: <= 2% with linear load | <=5% with non linear load
Waveform :Pure Sinewave
Transfer Time: Utility to Battery: 0ms; Utility to bypass: 0ms

Efficiency: up to 94%

Battery Voltage: Optional Voltage: 120Vdc
Typical Recharge Time: 6-8 hours (to 90% capacity)
Charging current: Maximum current 10A

Overload (Line Mode): Load<= 125%; last 5min<=150%: last 1min; > 150% 200ms turn to bypass mode
Overload (Battery Mode): 40A(input breaker)
Short circuit: Hold Whole system
Overheat: Line Mode: Switch to Bypass; Backup Mode: Shut down Ups Immediately.
Battery Low: Alarm and switch off

Audible and Visual alarms: Line Failure, Battery Low, Overload, System Fault
Status LCD Display: Line Mode, Backup Mode, Eco Mode, Bypass Mode, Battery Low, Battery Bad, Overload and Ups Fault.
Reading On The LCD Display: Input/Output Voltage, Input/Output Frequency, Load Level, Battery Level, Inner Temperature and Remaining battery Backup Time.

Communication Interface: RS232, USB, Parallel Port, SNMP card (optional), Relay card (Optional)

Operating Temperature: 0 - 40*C
Storage Temperature: -25 - 55*C
Humidity Range: 0-95%(Non-condensing)
Altitude: <1500m
Noise Level: <55dB

Dimension WxDxH(mm): 443x580x131(3u)
Net Weight(kg): 20

Noise Suppression: Complies with EN62040-2
Safety: IEC/EN62040-1; IEC/EN60950-1
EMC: IEC/EN62040-2; IEC61000-4-2; IEC61000-4-3; IEC61000-4-4; IEC61000-4-5; IEC61000-4-6; IEC61000-4-8

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